Does it Fly?

Roddenberry’s brand new, video podcast, Does It Fly? is now live on YouTube! The concept for Does It Fly? Came from one of our favorite stories about Gene Roddenberry. When he was working with the designer Matt Jefferies on the look of the enterprise it was very important to Gene that it followed an aircraft logic – it had to fly! We decided to ask that question about Star Trek and all your other sci-fi and pop culture properties.

In our first episode, noted astrophysicist Hakeem Oluseyi and pop culture expert Tamara Krinsky tackle Star Trek’s transporter to see if it makes sense from a scientific perspective. Does the transporter follow its own rules and stay consistent from a story perspective? And regardless of those answers, is it just so cool that we’re going to geek out over it anyway? Find out what they discovered by heading over to YouTube and checking out the first episode. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Hakeem Oluseyi
Tamera Krinsky
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